Who is this "Flawed Human Being"?

Matthew Goddard became fascinated with hip-hop and electronic music in college while studying graphic design. A passion for producing his own music soon developed and continued to grow over the next few years. After a brief stint as a bassist in a local rock band, Matthew got back to producing music under the name Flawed Human Being in 2009. He began making simple beats on his iPhone and soon became obsessed with the art of sampling and instrumental hip-hop itself. Over a decade later Matthew is still learning and producing music every day. Enjoy the noise.

Weapons of Choice.

  • Roland SP-404sx / SP-404MK2
  • Teenage Engineering PO-33 / PO-128
  • Ableton Live
  • Reason Studios Rack Plugin VST
  • Intua Beatmaker 3
  • Koala Sampler


Stream (2015)

When I set out to make this record I wanted to make a full-length album of electronic music (which I had never done before). I didn't want to rely on samples and wanted to record it in order so it would show my growth throughout the project from start to finish, first song to last song. I ended up with an album I am happy to say is my own.

Beta (2016)

My first sample-based album. Not for sale do to sample clearance but it's up on Soundcloud for you to check out.

+ (2018)

Original tunes. First album I put together for streaming platforms.

Prog (2018)

My first EP of original music (no samples other than beatboxing haha). 4 tracks of utter awesomeness.

Pretend (2019)

My second EP. Some of my favorite tracks live here. Especially “Monuments”, “Biscotti” and “Fall”.

Kung-fu (2019)

An album of some more diverse beats and some other odds and ends. "Joystick" is a fav along with "Zenith".

What If? (2020)

Some of my favorite beats live on this record. "Nylon" is one of my favorites along with "Soul Side".

Flawed Human Being (2020)

A self-titled record. Made from pattern based beats off my trusty Roland Sp-404sx. It's a vibe.

Hindsight (2020)

Covid hit and I suddenly had much more time on my hands to make music. I decided on a concept where every track name related to Covid and how it progressed through the making of this 40-track album. Ideally this would be made in a 2-disc set - 20 songs per disc. One of my favorites.

Evergreen (2020)

Probably my favorite album I've made. “Acres” and “Parallel” are my jams.

Too Many Secrets (2021)

Some good stuff on here. Lots of SP-404 work and original beats. “Facts of Life” is a favorite of mine.

Dust (2021)

7 beats. 1 man. Some...machines? Oh and I used a PO-33 on the last track “Furnace”.

Innerverse (2021)

Kind of a concept album sort of thing. Kind of. If you like cool stuff, check out “Wallflowers”, “Sketched” and “Copycat”. Album name by Andy.

Cliffhanger (2021)

A EP dedicated to the 1993 Blockbuster movie of the same name.

Cluttered (2021)

LOTS of PO-33 / PO-128 work on this album. “Synced” is a personal fav.

Unforgettable (2022)

You'll always remember “Tarantula Legs”!

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