‘Melodic Heat’ Beat Video

Well, I don’t have 5 cameras in this video, and I meant to explain more of my process on camera, but I got lost in a beat wonderland so lush, and so pure that I can barely type these words into this box.

Just kidding. But NEXT time, I’ll talk more about my process on camera and what I am actually doing (or trying to do) at the time of filming. This time around I used a Soul Surplus sample Roland supplied for this #SPbeattape contest. I chopped that up on the #SP404. Next, I created a drum loop in Ableton with the Reason Studios Rack Plugin and their Redrum Drum Machine then sampled that into the SP404. Finally, I found some vocals in Output’s Arcade VST. I threw on some Autopan in Ableton and Beat Repeat then sampled that loop into the SP404. I created some patterns with pattern mode and made this video with effects.

Let me know if this helps or if there are any other questions you might have about my music or process. Like, subscribe and comment below!